Introduction to Insights by BidMotion



At BidMotion, technology and data science are in our DNA.

The BidMotion Data Management Platform (DMP), allows advertisers to build mobile marketing campaigns and optimise to specific campaign goals- user acquisition, branding, or re-engagement – and to track campaign performances in an extremely efficient way.

In the BidMotion DMP, the Insights feature is built for detecting campaign performance optimization opportunities in a highly data-driven and automated way.

Why did we build Insights?

Insights is a highly data-driven and automated tool that pinpoints optimization opportunities in real-time. We wanted advertisers and our campaign managers/BI team to have a dedicated dashboard within on our DMP, enabling them to understand in real time what opportunities they have to optimise the performance of each campaign. We wanted to reduce manual tasks where possible, such as compiling excel reports or spending hours crunching data crunching only to arrive at an optimization decision that could still be error-prone.


Who can be the user of Insights?

For advertisers using BidMotion on a managed service, BidMotion’s campaign manager will be in charge of using Insights.


How does Insights work?

Insights is an algorithm built in-house by BidMotion engineering team that, depending on the campaign’s objective, provides automated recommendations to purchase the most effective inventory/ad placement to meet that objective. Insights’ algorithmic recommendations are based on a comprehensive set of data points coming from publishers, including OS version, ISP, wifi connection, country etc. Each recommendation is given by ad publisher, geo, device, and platform for each advertiser’s campaign.

For example, below is a recommendation created for Candy Crush Jelly Saga running on Android tablet devices in the US. The recommendation states that clicks coming from the three indicated data points are driving much more in-app revenue than the average other clicks during last 2 days, recommending  the purchase of similar inventory to further drive campaign performance. The compared performance of the average clicks and the clicks from the indicated data points is listed below for a clearer understanding.

Before the BidMotion campaign manager decides to implement the recommendation, he/she can check out the Projection, which estimates the campaign performance change should the recommendation be implemented:

After the recommendation has been implemented, if the BidMotion campaign manager has found the result promising, a rating will be given to the recommendation which will help the Insights algorithm to continually improve its accuracy.

Other features within the Insights tab

A search bar on the top of the tab makes it easy to find out all recommendations available for a given publisher:

A filtering menu on the left hand side of the tab helps navigate all the recommendations by any parameter such as campaign objective, campaign targeted OS/GEO, or simply campaign name:

Ending words

If you’re already working with us, don’t hesitate to let us know if you’d want to know more information. If you haven’t started yet, send us an email at to let us know how we can help bring a new layer of data intelligence to your mobile performance campaigns.