Moments: User Targeting Based on Mobile Activity



Moments: The New User Targeting Level Placing Ads Based On User Mobile Activity 

Mobile ad placement has forever combatted with the real struggle of collecting coherent and applicable user data to adequately segment an audience and place ads more effectively. Such parameters are most often limited to mobile device type, OS, age range, and location in the continual battle to reconcile multiple user accounts across multiple devices. But now we have a new buzzword in mobile user targeting, moments.

The concept of targeting user moments is nothing new to advertising, and the reasoning behind why many beer and snack ads appear during large sporting matches. But as we are able to obtain and reconcile increasing amounts and varieties of new user data, the concept can now be applied to mobile ad placement.

What does this mean? In addition to traditional targeting parameters, mobile ads are placed based on real-time reports of user mobile activity in a given moment. For example, a mobile user is searching for cocktail recipes; perfect time for an ad featuring a new application routing you to the nearest bar for happy hour. [Tweet “”Marketing within the moment is yet another step in maximizing ad effectiveness and reaching users when most receptive to your message.””]

Mobile ads targeting these “moments” also leave room for creative partnerships. An individual searching for the perfect pizza recipe is receptive to an ad sponsored by a local pizzeria offering a promo code for pizza delivery via a mobile app food delivery service. This rewards-based ad takes advantage of the micromoment, during which the user’s attention is entirely focused on the pizza, to offer him both a pizza and a means to get it.

As our attention spans are ever-decreasing, exploiting these moments to capture user attention with a targeted message becomes an increasingly strategic means to optimize install volumes with certain mobile ad campaigns.