User-Level Targeting: Sniper vs Spray-and-Pray



[Tweet “”Smart mobile marketers are snipers: they target only receptive users who will engage with their content.””]

Mobile user-level targeting at scale should not be ignored by any company working on audience targeting or tracking solutions. It is the stars for which we should shoot, if only to know how close we could come.

All this means is that the mobile revolution has made it possible to ascribe certain behaviors and characteristics to an individual based solely on the information gleaned from a single device. By using Device ID as a parameter, it is conceivable that marketers could target at the individual level. However, this information is very difficult to come by and even if it were easy, the challenge of creating profiles with actionable metrics like age, income level, and interests is a huge obstacle.

Beyond that, the challenge of designing creative content and pushing offers to specific users would require incredibly sophisticated algorithms that would be able to match content with user-profiles and historical behavior in order to serve the right message to the right individual.

Right now, there are audience-profiling techniques, both predictive and objective, that can be used to target groups of individuals. Additionally, technology is being discussed and put into early stage development that can use metrics like device ID and a range of segmentation methods to target more granularly, while respecting strict data privacy laws.

We have decided to begin writing a series of posts about new ideas and technological achievements  that will contribute to our journey toward more efficient mobile advertising.

Stay tuned!